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Welcome To EL BAYAN ARABIC Institute


   Spreading and teaching the Arabic Language to non-Arabic speakers according to the best teaching and learning method. In addition developing educational and audiovisual materials using modern technology specially developed for the teaching of languages.


   The institute should have a distinguished international position in the teaching of the Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers. This is to be achieved  through the implementation of specialized programs developed by expert teachers.


  1. Spread the Arabic language all over the world and respond to the increasing demand for the language .
  2. Contribute to enabling Muslims throughout the world to recite, understand, and interpret the Holly Quran in Arabic.
  3. Provide learners with sufficient language competence to be able to communicate with Arabic speaking peoples.
  4. Represent the pioneering role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the service of the Arabic language and culture all over the world.
  5. Contribute to the training and development of Arabic teachers.
  6. Hold symposiums and seminars to develop Arabic educational skills.
  7. Prepare students for joining the departments of Arabic and Islamic studies in Arabic and international universities.
  8. Use technology to spread the Arabic language and establish bridges of academic and scientific cooperation among educational institutions concerned with the teaching of the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers.